About Us

Alongwith Agriculture, Maratha youths are making progress in the field of Medical Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, Business & Manufacturing units & also Competitive Exams. Many of the Maratha youths have acquired higher positions in these fields.

On one side Maratha Youths are progressing but on the other side the choice of perfect match partner for marriage is becoming extremely difficult . As this issue is serious many families are living under tremendous tension.

Now days each &every one is busy with work or job, they are unable to find a time for selecting & contacting the bride or groom of their choice. Many are not conversant with the new technology, hence unable to contact or reach up to the life partner of their choice. Considering all these difficulties & to assist these families, MARATHA SWAYAMVAR is formed.

MARATHA SWAYAMVAR is an online matrimonial site that has been designed to help MARATHA families all over the world for selection of perfect match partner.

To help to find suitable match partner, to contact them, proper care of each & every member, very simple & compact modus operandi, reliable & friendly atmosphere, security are the main features of MARATHA SWAYAMVAR.

So do visit MARATHA SWAYAMVAR & get assured.